So, you've booked your function at Holcombe Brook Sports Club


Please find some information below which should help you in your planning process!


General Info

- The maximum capacity is 130 people

- Club Manager:  Angela Redfern

- Office Receptionist: Pat Marsden

- We have an extensive bar menu so if you have any special requests please discuss at time of booking.


Points to Consider

-Catering, Fine Dine are our appointed caterers.

- Decorations, table cloths what size do you need, colour etc. (see below for dimensions)

- Guests have you told them our address.

- Entertainment, we have one speaker connected to the TV you can use via an aux cord, alternatively, you can hire your own DJ.



-There are 3 Tressel tables, 10 Small round tables and 4 Large round tables:


- The small round tables fit  8 people around them 

- The large round tables fit 12 people around them


- When buying table cloths the sizes are 84 inch (diameter for round tables)

- For the tressel tables are 54 in. by 108 in.

 Table Cloths We Recommend from Amazon -


Special Notes


Please note that:

The full balance must be paid 28 days in advance of the function, someone should give you a phone call prior to your event to discuss final decisions regarding catering, set up etc.

The use of glass beads are not permitted for health and safety reasons, if you have any questions regarding table decorations please get in touch.

The use of any pyrotechnic equipment including smoke machines is not permitted as they set off our fire detection system.



Please see below for set up pictures, set up ideas, etc (please note, some of the pictures do not show our new wooden floor as they were taken prior to the floors fittings)