New for 2019... the Paul Hutchins Commitment Award

Sep 13, 2019

New for 2019... the Paul Hutchins Commitment Award
Team Tennis - originally known as the National Club League - began in 1993 and was set up by British tennis legend Paul Hutchins. Since 1993, it's gone on to become the biggest team competition in the country - 25,000 players have taken part this year alone. 

In memory of Paul, who passed away earlier this year, the LTA introduced the ‘Paul Hutchins Commitment Award’ to recognise individuals who have shown true dedication to Team Tennis. The award was presented at the draw ceremony on the eve of the Finals and was presented by Paul's son, Blake. 

Tony Lawson from Holcombe Brook Sports Club was the inaugural award-winner. In the very first year of the competition, Tony led his team to victory to win the Finals and he's never looked back. Over the last 26 years, Tony's entered teams of all ages and abilites, and has provided endless support to them all, regardless of the divisions they've played in. 

Tony said: "I was highly honoured to receive the award in memory of Paul who was a very good friend of mine and I've known him a long time - since 1992. He was a pure gentleman and no words can express how sad I was of his passing. At the end of the day, he will live in my memory very much so." 

Blake added: "We as the family and on behalf of Dad, are so proud that the award is there and I think the word 'commitment' is such an apt one. Dad was so committed to this event and to British tennis so I think it's fantastic.

"I told my mum that Tony was going to win the award and she had a very warm heart hearing that. She said Dad would have thought it went to the rightful person, so we're really proud and delighted that Tony is the first winner of the Paul Hutchins Commitment Award."