Box leagues are FREE of charge and for members only, we have both singles and doubles box leagues & if you would like to sign up please contact Tom Lemon

Adult Box League 1

Adult Box League 2

Adult Box League 3

Box League Rules:

- Matches will be the best of 3 sets with the first two being normal tiebreak sets and the third being a Championship Tiebreak (tiebreak to 10).

- If you would prefer to play a shorter format due to time or fitness then if both players agree a short sets format such as FAST4 is also allowed.

- The box winner will be decided on number of wins, if 2 players are tied it will be decided by their head to head score

- You must arrange your own matches and bring your own balls, if you need any contact details of players please ask Tom

- Matches between players with LTA Ratings will be processed and count towards your official LTA Rating (if you don't have one sign up is FREE please ask Tom if unsure how to do so)