Our Voluntary Management Committee Team

At Holcombe Brook Sports Club we have a team of voluntary members who form The Management Committee, supported by club members.


Tony Lawson
Club Chairman


Our Promise

Working as a team to ensure our decisions are made in the best interest of our club and members.  We want to protect our reputation as a local family club and ensure we give everyone in the local area a chance to share our fantastic facility and sport


Meet the Team


 Left:  Alan Lord  
Right:  Steve Denner



Left:  Moira Livesey 
Right: Claire Topping



Left:  Paul Blackburn
Right:  Steve Darlington



Left: Pete Bell

Right: Angela Redfern



Left: Sue Lawson

Right:  Helen Marshall


If you have any suggestions or question about the club and its activities please do not hesitate to approach any member of the committee.  As a team we welcome all ideas & offers of support from both members and non members.